Easy Connect is your brand.

When we take calls for your company, we are your company. Our professional sales team will answer your incoming calls with your retailer specific greeting. They are trained with the specifics of each new client that we take calls for. The first priority of our business is to sell Dish Network services for you but our sales teams are also highly trained in selling ancillary products, such as telephone and high speed internet.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves in doing business the way you do business. If you charge a processing fee, we will charge the processing fee for you. If you are running a promotional give-away, such as giving a gift-card to new customers, our sales agents will be trained on how to provide these promotions to your customers. We will provide our sales agents with retailer specific disclosures if your business desires. Our commitment to success is motivated by trained and professional personnel and a continued investment in adapting our business to meet the needs of our partners.